What is Anaq Foundation All About

ANAQ Foundation For Sickle Cell And Nutrition is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) formed to take up the challenge of bringing to the attention of the nation the silent effects of sickle cell as well as effects of malnutrition on adults and children, who are the very people, who constitute the country.

Recognizing that the elementary stages in the development of infants are crucial to their future well-being of the children, ANAQ Foundation have been campaigning to sensitize the public on Sickle Cell Disease, the importance of the sickle cell screening for newly born babies and adults who are ignorant about the disease.

Knowing their status and that of their children and themselves will help parents to adopt and strictly follow any treatment regimen prescribed by their physicians.



Creating awareness through the provision of quality sickle cell and mal-nutrition education, screening, counseling, advocacy, and improve the lives of people affected by the sickle cell disease..


To strengthen sickle cell educational programs and screening campaigns in local community groups and demystify commonly held misconceptions about sickle cell disease.



To collaborate with Sickle Associations and other stakeholders to implement strategies towards addressing the effects of sickle cell conditions in the country.



A Focus on Sickle Cell Disease

About 30% of Ghanaians are diagnosed with sickle cell and the United Nations general assembly has adopted a resolution to recognize sickle cell as a public health concern, which goes a long way to underscore the importance of the disease.

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Fight Against Mal-Nutrition

There is an urgent need for concrete action to be taken to tackle the canker of malnutrition to save the lives of the country’s productive workforce and children, who are the future.

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Supporting Health Education & Screening

ANAQ Foundation’s outstanding approach of supporting rural and urban health education and clinical screening is a key strategy of creating awareness nationwide.


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To strengthen sickle cell educational programs and screening campaigns in local community groups, faith based organizations, educational institutions, and civic organizations.

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